A wine cellar rooted in the land

Our natural environment shares the spotlight with the wine

At Mas den Roy, our Bregolat wines are produced using organic methods, sourced from the vineyard , hand-picked, and vinified in our cellar.
The seven hectares of vines, situated at the foot of the Montmagastre mountain, are located at an elevation of 700 metres above the sea level. This unique location allows us to produce fresh, high-altitude wines with the Costers del Segre Denomination of Origin.


Wine is nature and tradition. Wine brings you closer to the culture of the territory.


Our wines

We make our wines with the desire to establish a dialogue with nature, ensuring that each bunch of grapes concentrates, in the form of taste and aroma, the essence of the landscape in which it was born.
We produce our wines with the aim of expressing as fully as possible the characteristics of our terroir and preserving the distinctiveness of our land.

A perfect stay for wine tourism lovers

Uncorking a bottle of wine in the middle of the vineyard, where it was born, discovering the secrets and the history behind it —where it comes from, how it is made, how it evolves and acquires the nuances that make it unique— is an experience in itself.

  • Wine tasting among the vines
  • Picnic among the vines
  •  Yoga among the vines
  • Tailor-made wine pairings

If you stay at the Mas, you can go on a tour of the wineries facilities. We’re also capable of arranging wine tastings and culinary collaborations with wines to meet your requirements.